We serve banquets from 70 to 600 people.

Yes, we have a team of specialists to meet all your banquet needs, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-sugar or other requirements you need.

No, we also offer catering for other types of events such as private parties, business events, product launches, art exhibitions, inaugurations, baptisms, fifteen years, funerals, etc.

To know all the details of your event and to quote you accurately, we ask you to contact us by phone at +52 (951) 219 6007 or through the Whatsapp button.

Don’t worry! we will always help you choose what best suits your expectations. We will be pending in every detail of your banquet.

At most 30 days in advance of the date of your event, as long as you have previously confirmed the availability of the date and the price. In order for your event to be guaranteed we will ask you for an advance on the day of signing the contract.

We ask you to safely define your menu items up to 20 days in advance. After this date it will generate additional costs.

Of course, you can always hire a simpler special menu for these cases, as they are not considered as guests within the price of the catering services of your event.

Interbank transfer, deposit on account or cash.

No, it is already included in the costs of hiring your event. It will only be charged when there is no previous contract. In case of hiring the catering service after the menu test, the cost of it will be deducted.

We ask you to contact our team in advance to check availability, as we could be busy attending other events, especially on weekends. Please call us at +52 (951) 219 6007 or contact us through the Whatsapp button.

No, it is not necessary. You can always choose with other suppliers different services such as furniture, glassware, plaque, dishes, etc. We gladly adapt to your decisions.

Yes, we can take care of that if you don't have a professional hired. We can also recommend you with the event organizers and wedding planners with whom we constantly work.

As long as it is at least 10 days in advance, you can increase the number of guests by informing us. You may not reduce the number of guests for any reason.

We ask for facilities with minimum standards such as covered area, electricity, access to drinking water and drainage. In case of requiring additional adjustments, extra charges will be applied to your quote.

Of course! this makes it easier for us to better organize the operation of your event. It helps us a lot to review the facilities that the location offers, in addition to anticipating possible challenges that may arise.

We take care of this responsibly, as long as they are our waste. It does not apply to other services contracted with third parties.

For events greater than 200 people we ask you to give us access to the location of your event at least 3 days before it. If your event is minor, please contact us for more information.

Service staff (waiters), kitchen staff, food service, supplies and ingredients, drag, ice, Americano or pot coffee, soft drinks and mineral water. This cost does not include furniture, glassware, plaque or crockery; unless you have also contracted directly with us.

Counting the time of assembly, service and completion of the event, we consider operating at least 8 hours in our quotes. If your event will be longer, please consider the extra costs for the services you require.

Yes, we have several traditional Oaxacan options or whatever you choose. You can also consider this for the menu test.

Yes, as long as you notify us up to 3 days before your event. For no reason can we move this specification the same day of the event.

Once the advance payment is covered, we ask you to liquidate the final part two weeks before the date of your event in a single exhibition.

With pleasure we can advise you with an approximate calculation based on the specifications of your event, such as the schedule, duration, ages of the guests and variety of drinks considered.

No, once our services are contracted, you will not be able to obtain the return of this, as it is previously occupied for operational purposes, as stipulated clearly in our contract.