An Ideal Feast to Celebrate

Aromas, textures, flavors and feelings are an important part to create the best moment.

Your guests will remember the banquet of your event as a great memory that will send them to that unforgettable moment.


An Exceptional Reception

An exceptional wedding reception created especially for you. In Círculo Gastronómico we believe that food must be assembled under the inspiration of this special occasion.

For us, a great flavor begins with the selection of good ingredients. We use mostly fresh locally grown products, we love supporting responsible consumption with small merchants that offer the best quality in Oaxaca's markets.

At each banquet we produce our own corn dough, cuts, grinds and marinades.

Some recipes are produced in the community where they originate, such as chichilo and higaditos; where we give priority to the proper use of traditional techniques and their ingredients.

Catering service available for weddings and private events in Oaxaca.

• Furniture, glassware, cutlery and crockery also available with us.

You choose the menu and we serve it with the best flavor.


Mixology and Drinks

Some Important Things You Should Know

  • We try to adopt sustainability actions in our catering policy.
  • We will always recommend as many Oaxacan products as possible.
  • For no reason do we use unicel containers, nor do we use straws.
  • We try to reduce our water consumption, fuel emissions and use of electricity.
  • The waste of all our events is separated to give them a suitable destination.
  • Celebrating with abundance is a key factor to make your event a success and in some occasions this generates that we have a minimum surplus of food that we donate immediately to a charity home in Oaxaca.
  • For the good of all, we will always be completely honest and ethical in our actions towards the world.